Giving Credit Where It’s Due

You are all working on the student helpline to advise your peers on using APA format and avoiding plagiarism. Discuss what to tell the following students:

Student A
I’m doing a paper on breast cancer. I can’t explain breast cancer very well, but I found a web site that is very clear. Can I just cut and paste it into my paper? What if I put it in the references?

Student B
I found a great description of global warming. I changed some words in it. Can I just put it in my paper with a citation and reference? Should I use quotation marks?

Student C
There’s this whole page of stuff I found on endangered species. I want to put it in my report, but don’t want to have a whole page in quotation marks. What should I do?

Student D
I just got my paper back from my teacher saying I didn’t cite my source, but right on my reference page I had:

Mills, E., L., J. Leach, H., J. Carlton, T., and C. Secor, L. 1994. Exotic species and the integrity of the Great Lakes: Lessons from the past. BioScience 44: 666-676.

Isn’t this a citation? If not, what would a citation be like?

Student E
There’s a paragraph about genetic engineering that is copied on about 20 sites on the Internet. Can’t I just copy it too? I’ll cite it.